I'm Revising Vibrant Night

I've turned all posts to drafts out of business, and I might eventually phase out this blog but have a lot of stuff from it I could republish, I am currently revising Vibrant Night.  Its more work getting all of those posts revised and reposted, and its only going to be 99 cents on Kindle.  So I may keep the novel off of here so I can focus on getting to new projects. 

I always promised Vibrant Night would stay free, but I've been working on it for 11 years, its been stressful, and everyone I've talked to feels bad about reading it for free.  So I figure it will save me time to leave it up for 99 cents on Kindle, and I know there is a share option there as well, and PC's can also buy those books.  If anyone is disappointed with this, I apologize.  But Kindle won't let me make a book free, and Blogspot wasn't designed for posting novels and makes formatting unnecessarily difficult, and I'm stressed enough trying to get the book right for good this time.

Thanks for reading.