Vibrant Night - Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Diego rose one of his ringed hands in the air and turned it.  In response, the halves of the sea-food restaurant broke from the ground and rushing towards Malluso.  But the hunter may have twisted his hand a little too far, breaking of a water vein which caused a gushing stream to rise from the site.

In response, the marble-headed man pulled out a tray of brownies, shielding the mass of delicious-smelling cement that came at him.  Chocolate crumbs hit the ground as cement crumbled and metal dented against leather and marble, pushing Malluso back so far that he crashed into the Lotus's cage, bent the bars, and caused the top of the cage to pop off.  A pile of rubble covered the marble-headed man near the stop-light and left him looking like a demolition site.

A group of Japanese men and women in fresh white suits watched from some distance away hearing the crash.  Almost all of them had torches, while a couple had flamethrowers, one of which was wearing nothing but a diamond-studded mawashi, which was similar to a large diaper.

A calm-eyed Asian women looked to the more clothed man wielding a flamethrower, “How is your daughter Okiku?”

The man raised one of his stern, skeptical eyebrows, “Well..”

The Japanese h'ragon hunters quickly went on their way downtown as a frightened nun-raver quickly got out of the way, glow sticks and glowing rosaries on strings, trailing.

The Lotus flew out of its cage with a dubstep flutter while Malluso's slightly ticked-off voice came from the debris, “That was.. my only batch.”

A young man in a hoodie was running out of a convenience store with a forty while being chased by the clerk.  He was spotted by those among the police officers who weren't carrying ladders back to the station.  One American-looking, foreign cop bolted after the young man.

Some of the sprinters around decided to see the ladders cops were holding as hurdles.  Most runners jumped them, while some crawled under them.  A middle-aged woman with mini-flashlights on her spectacles, and handfuls of half-full shot glasses hit a ladder; she skidded into the pavement, shattering glass and spilling booze everywhere.

Diego barely paid attention to the weather and surroundings as they changed around him, his eyes fixed on the oncoming Lotus.  Cloud-colored snow flakes floated down from the sky to melt into the Summer night.  Some of the outer smog surrounding the city had thinned to reveal enormous mountains.  Pieces of buildings still in the air found their way under the people who had fallen up and were now rising back down, as if in some magical sense, under Diego's fingers.

“So the seasons are combining; and the whole thing might just break apart.” Diego calmly stated.

Malluso stood up, pushing the heavy pieces of wreckage off of his tattered longcoat where rips revealed abysmal marble.  Monsieur nodded to the Lotus creeping out of its cage on all fours, “Mr. Bagel's brother I presume, it seems like its time for you to go and be culinary.”

The Lotus somehow screeched and laughed all at once with a multitude of vocal chords, charging forwards at the hunter.

Malluso yanked his rapier from under a wall, though the blade had bent to a square angle.  He swiftly marched to the stop sign, pulling it off its stand, and somehow attached it to the end of his blade.  Malluso's blade began to spin the large, red stop sign in a counter-clockwise motion, “Before all of this over, you'll have faith in something other than yourself.”

Diego had raised his right hand; his left hand behind his back, facing up, safely dropping off the collateral victims.  Malluso noticed one of the Japanese storefronts had broken from its foundations and was running through the air like a spinning missile, a trail of foreign products being littered behind it.  The convenience store soared vicariously towards the Lotus, and the Lotus charged viciously towards the hunter.

* * *

Meanwhile, in front of a closed bookstore, an American-looking, foreign police officer came up to a British “Chief Constable” with a mustache made from whole-wheat pasta.  A blond-haired female officer behind the constable rambled on about how much she hated donuts.

“They don't even have any nutritional value.” She said.

The American-looking, foreign officer had handcuffed young man with the hoodie who had stolen the forty. “We've got him.”

A Russian officer approached in short shorts and cowboy boots.  Despite this appearance, he remained unnoticed.

“Who?” The constable tasted some of the colorful snow pouring down and made a face of disgust.

“The man who stole the alcoholic--”

“You stole my heart.”  The Russian officer interrupted.

“Roy, is this true?” The constable asked.

Roy gave no reply except a facial visual as though he had tasted the snow.

The constable pulled the young man away and gave him to the female officer, “Ecila, take this man in.”

The constable turned around and handcuffed Roy, “You are under arrest.. you have the right, to join the military.”

* * *

The Lotus had opened its long mouth in front of Diego Caprice and regurgitated pocket-sized boxes at his dodging feet.  In the split seconds before they exploded, Diego could see the different flavors of the dangerous delicacies.  Hovering with a vicious expulsion of deadly, boxed pies, the Lotus barely caught attention of the Japanese convenience store which slammed into the creature with a bone-crushing force.

The lotus put up its bony, black arms and turned as the first wall smacked against it, pushing the insect-monster through.  The second wall smashed through the Lotus a split-second later with a horrific symphony of childlike laughs and boiling teapots.  The insect monster met the pavement and ceased movement.

A round-faced, Japanese merchant who had temporarily left his store slowly made his way towards its ruins as he tried to pick up the trail of his products.  The merchant's stocky arms were practically full, with two police behind him, one American and one Japanese, helping pick up the slack.

Malluso charged towards the hunter, his sword still rotating off of the hilt.

Diego had backed away considerably.  He rose both his arms at once to rip an entire apartment building behind him from its ground-laid foundation.  He was standing on the mall parking-lot far from the mall's towering combination of stores.  A red car raced by him veering across the grass and onto the road.  The car faded out of site as Diego moved the now-leaning apartment complex with great telekinetic force.

Diego saw that the Lotus was slowly getting back up.  The instant he needed to crash the apartments into Malluso would be lost in order to fend off the Lotus.  He dropped the building, letting it crash into the ground; Malluso was halfway to him.

Diego got down on his stomach as pieces of the apartment building came barreling everywhere.  With the hunter's arms covered thick with dust and color, he had an outstretched ringed hand in the air, pulling out a grey jet plane from the sky and out of nowhere.

As the Lotus approached, the jet plane plowed into it with an ear-splitting blur followed by a brilliant, shocking explosion.  Malluso was in reach of Diego seconds later, the force of the blast only serving his attacking swing from the air.  The marble-headed man hit the hunter with the stop sign sword at just the right angle.. while a stainless-steel squash with turning gears on either side, came down with the bad-tasting blizzard, clanked and rolled nearby.

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