Vibrant Night - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

A mass of a shadow rested in the empty baseball field of a park where the wind rushed downwards like a suffocating blanket.  The shape of the shadow took up a great space on the field with the surrounding fence bent in all different directions.  Of all bases, only the home base which had been ripped in half by something, was left in sight.  The trees were all bending and bowing under the smoking moon, and underneath waterfalls of color that poured in the distance from the colorless clouds that seemed to envelope the sky.

Near-translucent forms of people with black lower torsos floated under the park lights.  Their upper bodies were the shades of a leafless, tree-ridden, cloudy blue sky before its descent into the evening.  Their heads were weighted down, giving off dim, yellow stares towards the ground like miniature street lights.  As if they were reflections of some parallel world.

The tall park lights were lit with an eerie fluorescent glow cast over the paved trail and the grey and green grass around it.  On the side of this black path there was the occasional park bench painted over wildly and sporting dangerously calligraphic, metal ends.  Onward the path went into two interconnected, wide-roofed, wooden bridges full of picnic tables which had been tossed around; more than occasionally, a table would make a dangerous jump into the air like a popcorn kernel, and one had made the tricky descent into the creek below.  Across the bridge, the pavement ventured straight between two rows of trees into a most potent darkness.

The mass in the baseball field opened its greenish-yellow eyeballs to its surroundings.  Its large, black scales shimmered with enough blue shades of light that it was as though the blue reflections were in constant failed attempt to penetrate the monster’s flesh.  The creature stretched its two great, webbed wings, raising its head to a flock of different kinds of birds emerging in the distant night sky.

The great monster had a giant human skull in proportion to his reptile body with the bone covered in similar scales; the skull split into fours which met at the base and jaw, while the center was full of black shades of toxic smoke that somehow stayed trapped lest he speak.  Toxic black and green smoke poured from the winged reptile’s nasal cavities as it breathed heavily in wait.  A h'ragon.

In a sky losing its color, flyers of different sizes and colors flapped their limbs against the raging wind.  Twelve mostly noisy black crows, five vicious white, brown, and black sparrows, and a bald eagle with an eyepatch descended.  There were also two white, black spotted downy woodpeckers (with a red dice taped to the red backs of their heads), three red and grey, homeless house finches, eight black and red northern cardinals from the South; and two light-brown ruffed grouses in tacky, miniature roller-blades.

Also among the crowd of flyers were four white-breasted nuthatches in tiny t-shirts, a wild turkey with a fitted top hat, and a white, black, and grey tufted titmouse (whom is actually a bird).  Lastly there was, six red, white, and black ruby-throated hummingbirds (some mutes).. nine grey and white rock doves born from various boulders, and a winged brown shoe piloted by a black mouse who held onto the tongue in sheer terror.

The flock formed together into a humanoid shape: Mona.  Her hand had healed from its cardboard status, but some of her pride had flew away.  She appeared to be middle-aged now though her style of dress was near the same, mysterious, colorful bones still jutting from the collar of her wardrobe; and her hair remained a messy white.  Mona kept many feet back in order to breathe fresh air, rather than the poisonous fumes spewing towards her.

A deep choir of growls poured from the monster's throat and redirected the wind with a great ferocity, “The tasks?”

Mona lifted her arm to create a shield formed from the ground itself that swirled between brown and grey.  Fidgeting bird wings birthed at random like seedlings, from all sides of the upturned dirt barrier.  Abbadon's toxic vapors hit the upturned ground and spread away, keeping Mona from harm.  The scope-eyed woman replied with a tone that said her presence there was a waste of time, “The defrag’s are at 4 A.M.”

The breeze followed fiercely away from its gravity and towards the old woman with the h'ragon’s voice, “No, Mona.  The other tasks.”

“I’ve locked away the trouble, she will give no more gifts to strangers.  As you might know from the Above floor, someone made sure that Fear will soon take five forms.  Five or six, anyways.”

“I leave you to your rotten will.” As the h'ragon spoke, Mona’s earthen shield began to visibly crack from the wind pressure.

“The lesser of many evils, Abbadon.” Mona chuckled under her breath until it turned into a full-blown laugh, interrupted at its pinnacle as her form retracted into its flock.  The group of flyers retreated from Abbadon’s green-streaked, black breath with an intense speed.

From a nearby bench facing the field a Mexican man appeared in a timely puff of white smoke.  He had long hair split on each side between blue on the left and red on the right; a small tuft of blue sticking upwards at the back top.  The man also wore faded jeans, red and white shoes, a brown aviator jacket, and orange-tinted, aviator sunglasses.  His head was tilted downwards under the light in sympathy to the specters scattered everywhere around the park.  He rose up his hand which was covered in silver and golden rings.  And in pointing at the sky he drew out the loud sound of an engine.

Diego's glasses reflected some of the colorful streams from dark clouds in the distance, “Future of chemical tragedies, the milk has gone spoiled.”

Abbadon turned his massive skull and sneered forth a dark cloud, “Diego Caprice.”

Diego pointed his finger down as a two-man plane emerged from the sky, “Desert made of tenants, screams the concrete motels.”

The plane glided downwards towards the center of Abbadon.  Instants later the aircraft crashed into the monster's upper torso between the wings with feasible force.  The h'ragon’s eyes met the running blur of red and blue with a fury.

Diego had dodged the first cloud, leaving a dark violet streak in his path before he raised his hand again.  His heart-rate had increased, but was not yet a hindrance.

Abbadon inhaled a building’s worth of the sweet, nocturnal air before entering a pause as his cold glare followed Diego, his skull cocking back like an organic cannon.  Diego made a split decision to redirect the new object at his disposal and sent it hurtling into the ground at the appropriate distance, running backwards from where it was going to fall..  An enormous mass of ice engraved with the Mona Lisa came down like a defensive wall, pounding into the ground as the h'ragon let out a life-encroaching, green and black cloud of staggering proportions.

Diego paced back in a quick jog, some fifteen-feet out of reach of his death.  The cloud had surrounded his Mona Lisa shield as he had expected.  The long-haired man held his outstretched palm towards the sky, four fingers and a thumb all covered in precious metal bands.

“Calm hunting in Restless Park.  Children sell their madness.” Diego whispered as the outline of a white, two-story house came rocketing downwards from the sky.

Diego knelt down and pulled two crimson twenty-dollar bills and two similar fifties out of his pocket, flashing the money on the field like a hand of cards.  The bottom of each bill read, “Crimson money is to be used towards the resources to live.”

The long-haired hunter disappeared in a puff of white smoke as the house he sent from the sky came crashing down upon Abbadon’s head.  The metal plumbing of the house hit Abbadon first, causing him to let out a loud, screeching roar as his wings twitched and froze; the creature’s head was smacked into the ground as pieces of the house and its insides flew everywhere.  The red cash on the field rushed upwards against the wind, drifting into the monochrome sky until it vanished into a section filled with fluctuating lines that did not leave stars.

The baseball field was left in a poisonous smokescreen from Abbadon, and the melancholic specters rose their glowing eyes in anger at the unconscious beast..

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