Vibrant Night - Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Repairgoddog got out of the slow-moving, creeper van with a briefcase kit full of screwdrivers, sand and desserts.  The female ninja closed the sliding door behind him while balancing a pumpkin pie on her head.  The stocky youth found himself in an increasingly vacant store-- even a tumbleweed wearing a cowboy hat was headed towards the exit.  A carrera had slipped into Null-Mart and was chasing two children in blue that hadn't made it out yet.  The young repairman noticed a washing machine through the giant, flying worm's golden, translucent skin.

The technology department had mostly damaged products lining the floor in pieces and chords.  There were strange pod-like machines on the right, overturned and smoking like they could explode-- and one or two of the human-sized devices already had.  A guitar amp was left on with the instrument on a stand close by, a subtle, endless tone pouring from them.  Two stained-glass windows had been left leaning against the counter and register; there was a hole in the bottom of one the colorful plates of glass, but no-one around boasted about it.

Repairgoddog saw a skeleton with missing ribs.  The skeleton lied stationary, on the floor, over top of an enormous compass-looking device; and a grody slice of bologne with some strands of hair on it covered the face of the skull.  While standing over the remains, Geoffery noticed two odd television sets with solid colors over their screens.

Mycroft pulled the lunch meat from his face to reveal his gummy eyeballs, and then lowered his mandible in a shriek, "Ah!"

"Holy shit!" Geoffery jumped and threw his toolkit at Mycroft's head.  The toolkit bounced off the bone with Mycroft raising his phalanges in futility and placebo pain.  The kit opened up and sand came out from it and onto the floor while the tools and treats stayed strapped down.

Geoffery went and picked up his kit, "..are you okay?"

"My life flashed before my eyes.. and I denied it." Mycroft said, still holding his bony fingers over his face.

"Alright then.." Repairgoddog replied, and went straight to the t.v.'s.

Some television sets had solid colors over their screens while most were in bad shape, some even showing giant vegetables golfing.  Repairgoddog began sniffing the televisions and came upon two which he would attempt to fix; one was a large high definition screen in constant yellow, while the other looked more like something approaching antiquity in flashes of blue and cyan.

Repairgoddog digged around his kit for the right tool and found a miniature souvenir baseball bat.

Mycroft quizzically raised his absent eyebrow, "What do you intend to do Sir Canine?"

The dog-masked repairman beat the old television's screen in with a couple swift swings of his novelty sports gear.  As the crazy repairman withdrew, a ball of electricity came out of the screen.

Repairgoddog reached into the television with both hands and pulled out a fuzzy yellow creature that looked kind of like monkey with an octopus for a head..

The fuzzy yellow creature enthusiastically widened its eyes in a high-pitched, "Woohoo!"

"That's one down; that's probably Jeffrey." Geoffery said.

A woman with a face full of matted blond hair struggled to walk in a hunch along the edge of the technology department.  She had thick rectangular glasses, dark bags under her eyes, and plastic bags under those.

Mycroft looked at the woman quizzically, using two small pieces of licorice to act as imbalanced eyebrows with his hands, which the skeletal philosopher must've attained from the floor.

"Breathing too deeply or too little are both disorders." The stooping woman blurted.  A steady breeze moved the plastic bags taped to her face.  Her legs buckled from the slight wind current, and she collapsed into multi-colored dust.

Mycroft fashioned his red candy into a cross and placed it in the stranger's pixy stick remains.

* * *

With his movements losing convolution, Geoffery began regaining his sense of self, while the night had claimed something of Fall in its air.  He wondered if he had dreamed of the two unknowns and the giant jumping house they had emerged from..

"Hey.." Jeffrey said to Ratty, finding himself to be one person.

"The dancing hats.. burning." The second Ratty to the right coughed as the smoke traveled through her.

Jeffrey realized she was split-up and unavailable; her see-through clones had different styles and colors of pipe-cleaners sticking up out of odd short hair.

Jeffrey turned to see a couple dozen soaked hats, red, violet, orange, yellow and green ones-- everything but pink.  The pile started rustling, but the 'play-er' didn't dare get closer to it.

The second Ratty on the left began laughing at the yellow-lined black pavement.

* * *

Repairgoddog opened up his kit, focusing his attention on the high-definition television.  This time he unplugged it-- but the screen only flickered and stayed on.  Near the fringe technician, 'Nobody Was Here' was starting to dry.

The fuzzy yellow creature could not contain its estranged excitement, "Hoohoo!"

"Odd." Mycroft commented.

Repairgoddog untwisted one screw, then hammered in a nail, and repeated.. this caused a round, frosted cake to squeeze its blue and cyan contours through the modern television in a neon glow.

“Weird.” The hefty geek said.

"Hoowoooo!" The fuzzy yellow octo-head blinded Repairgoddog with its tentacles.

"Shut up." Geoffery jarred in his concentration and pushed the furry limbs away.

An enormous amount of flooring, with the amplifier and neo-lute, collapsed into Technacle territory.  Televisions and a piece of aisle with unwanted video games on sale went pouring down hundreds of feet.  Repairgoddog lost his balance slightly and changed his footing to compensate while holding the television back that he was working on; the 'cup full of cake' was right in his latex-covered face.

"I think its time for me to get out of here, sir." Mycroft explicity stated.

"Woooohoooo!" The furry yellow creature jumped on the living skeleton, piggy-back style with eyes popping out.  The underweight philosopher grunted as the 'thing' landed on him, following with its furry limbs wrapping around his neck-spine in some parasitic or symbiotic embrace.

"I'll see you on the other side, dawg." Mycroft's gummy tongue flapped as he barely lifted his hand to wave at the masked repairman.

When the cupcake came out of the television the pastry landed frosting-first on the floor, and the telly had started smoking so intensely that Repairgoddog had to back away.

Store lights swiveled with the confusing breeze that had made its way from the outside, but the lights had lost their personalities.  The pile of flavored sugar that once was a tired, old woman was blowing away.  The vacant-looking, out-of-order store had sections of aisles and flooring crumbling and coming down violently into the underground.  Geoffery knew he didn't have much time; he took his mask off, threw it into the massive nearby hole that had formed behind him, and ran.

* * *

Jeffrey looked at Ratty, whose bodies were flickering, inching closer and closer together until they became one cohesive person.  Strangers bolted around him as he heard the crashes from the store collapsing, and his stomach filled with uneasiness.

Jeff had thought over his predicament and the trouble he had gotten himself into; the chance that his good friend could be dead, and that it was because he had left him behind.  The young man finally had his chance to say something to the girl standing before him, “I.. I think I hate you.”

The dark asphalt around the pile of hats was splashed with glowing liquids and rainbow puddles.  Further off.. ancient leaves ventured higher than their resting places, from deep in bulky sewage vents along the pits of empty roads.  And a couple bats without heads flew off in the distant, multi-colored sky, past a shadowy stranger holding to an open parachute.

“I'd thought you'd never ask.” Ratty smiled, hearing what she wanted to.

Walking across the sidewalk lining the store was a malnourished stick-man with a heart-attack shout, "You kids looking for a fight!?"

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