Vibrant Night - Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Lacie and Fry skateboarded towards the Lawn and Garden department.  They left Thee Chaotician in the storedust.  They skateboarded past children in blue, they skateboarded past jumbo cans of low-sodium soup, Lacie ducked from misplaced gunfire, while Fry saw a Caravan-- flying wired.  They past a road sign in the store, it read, "IF YOU'RE NOT WEIRD YOU'RE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH TO RELAX IN SITUATIONS YOU MADE UNCOMFORTABLE."

"Its all these cheap shots taking you where?" A hybrid man incoherently replied to some prior sound, he was in a SWAT outfit, taking cover behind Halloween decor.  He had the name 'Captain Bubblegum' embroidered in small print on his outfit.

"Whose day isn't made by new underwear?" His caravan rival replied from an aisle or more away, a terrifying grin on its face.. man's best enemy, apparently.

"I'm fed up and sick of you and your hobby." Captain Bubblegum replied.  There was poppy music coming from the store, but: the captain did not dance.

"I took up two boxes of them today!" The monstrous dog replied.

Someone contacted Captain Bubblegum on his radio, "Are they playing a song at you?"

The captain picked up his radio.

"Know the difference between mp3's and mp5's, it could save your life." Captain Bubblegum replied, then he holstored his radio and shot an Industrial song at the caravan; the percussion sounded close to gunfire, and the great demonic dog toppled over dramatically from the placebo effect-- spitting out a live chicken in the process.

"They got married backwards drunk and run a website where people send in artwork of obese superheroes!" A short well-dressed man in a top hat said; this stranger ran past the Chaotician, toilet paper dragging from the man's dress shoes as his height changed up and down sporadically-- the Chaotician pretended to still be walking with a cane, which made his right hand look like it was measuring his own height inaccurately.

Up ahead Lacie tried to keep up.

"Why are you going so fast?" Lacie yelled.

"Your hair smells like rotten fruit!" Fry replied.

In the corner of Lacie's lens, within a gap in the store ceiling, someone's house flew by across pink-and-red-tinged indigo clouds.

* * *

Thee Chaotician passed by Victor who was in an alleyway checking all of his pockets frantically.  There were five carts around Victor's right side, all of which were full of different forms of cheese.

"Where did I leave my wallet?" Victor talked to himself before he noticed the Chaotician.

In cheekiness Thee Chaotician spoke, "How many years pass in a universe of chaos, before the prior wears thin?  And then amongst the changing racket, where and whom begins?"

* * *

Lacie found the entrance to Lawn and Garden was covered in dark red paint, over-grown vines, redhead hair falls, and liquorice plants.  Fry had already made her way inside.

Inside Lawn and Garden were some 'late age teenagers', mostly people in their twenties, each running, walking, or crawling into one sole direction.  Some of the group had hanging glow sticks, and a few had glowing rosaries, with tank tops and t-shirts tattered and new.  Most of the women had neon paint on their arms and faces, or edges of bras showing; one guy posing as a girl had on a bra, however it was to be noted that it was not the guy in overalls.

Lacie heard Amanda, her R.A.'s voice, “Things get mixed up sometimes.”

But Amanda was nowhere in sight.

"When my artwork is finished my pride will be offset by the feeling that I have survived something." Said the young man in overalls; he additionally wore a straw hat, knee pads, and a painted hockey mask.  The countryman kept banging into a shelf, occasionally he'd step on the bottom layer, but it was only a staircase in his mind.  Fry watched and found it comical.

A husky white fellow with a beard sat on the top of this shaking shelf; he utilized his fake Irish accent in the mannerism of a strange, Irish drinking tune, "Shatter my fifth on the road, and I'll drink from the liquor I poured in my trunk.."

Lacie noticed that Same was in the large room, across from a couple large sinkholes.  Same was still sparkling with shades of blue, though she was in a stationary pose as though she had lost sentience.  A scantily-clad girl who kept sprinting into a wall, gave the mannequin a quick, tense hand gesture. "Shh!"

Upon closer inspection with her ocular zoom function, Lacie noticed that Same had been keyed with the words: "Straight people taking back rainbow."

Syll and Dave were also there.  Syll was sitting in a corner with her arms and legs crossed, as though waiting for someone.  Dave was occupied with graphing the lost youths.  Syll and Lacie caught view of each other.

Syll motioned to Lacie, "Hey, Lacie, over here!"

Lacie walked over, looking around at the young people bumping into things with a general expression of confusion.  This expression turned to concern when Lacie noticed that Syll had a bandage wrapped around her head that wasn't there before, covering the top half of one of the Asian lady's brown eyes.

“Did the spider do that to you?” The young woman asked.

“No, a programmer threw a clock at me.” Syll stated.

Dave began printing out graphs on a guy in a Null-Mart employee uniform who had dyed his hair and beard black, and who was covered in splatters of neon paint.  He was drunk and crawling towards the exit to the outside, but the automatic doors weren't opening and so his head simply hit the glass repeatedly.  A half-eaten cheesecake was next to him, still fresh.

Lacie looked behind to see Thee Chaotician and Victor appearing at the entrance to the department.  Victor had more of the carts, his three wheeled containers in a successive line.  The Chaotician helped him with the other two, stock full of calcium; and with his hands busy, the black-clad young man had stopped pretending to still have a cane.

An expressionless girl with grey skin had on a longcoat similar to her two grey brothers who were not present.  She stood in front of a young Japanese man, tattooed and pierced, who was crawling into a wall head first.

"Maybe that's your fate." The gray girl spoke with cold on her breath. "To be old, grey, and white.  To bang your head around the young..  Maybe you won't even get that far."

Syll immediately eyed her cheese-lover as he entered the room, "Vic!"

"Syllable!" Victor let go of his carts of cheese near the entrance, the Chaotician followed the older man's lead.

"My head.." The young Japanese man mumbled; the gray girl standing next to him unenthused.

"What happened to your head?" Victor asked Syll; though the Asian fellow thought someone was asking him and moaned in reply.

"I tried to turn a giant spider into a waffle and a clock hit me in the head." Syll rationally explained.

Dave had begun graphing Fry who was trying to talk to her friend, he caught some sort of glitch in the computerized base which helped him float around in the air; with the word 'ERROR' lighting up on his base, the technacle sporadically spoke, "LaShawnda get yo cheesy bread!"

Fry gave Dave an eyeliner-tinged death-stare, "..."

"..I have graphs on the subject." Dave stated as math-filled papers piled around the front of him.

"Are you sure five carts is enough?" Syll asked in another side of the room.  She quickly had to dodge as a barefoot young man sprinted towards the shelving, soil was all around the floor which the lost youth had knocked over.

"I actually think its too much." Victor scratched the back of his head with his cane.

Syll pulled out Victor's wallet from the side of mummy-like outfit, more strips hung off her arms fading off into warm colors. "We should ring it up before the store collapses on us."

"My wallet, you had it."

"Yes, remember?" Syll and Victor were walking towards the exit as she spoke. "You gave it to me because you had pockets."

Lacie waved to Victor and Syll and they said their goodbyes.

"Ah hah." Victor smirked, turning around three of his carts before a tangent of curiosity overtook him. "I never asked you, what's under all those bandages?"

"Just underwear." Syll said deceptively.

Lacie noticed some gross dark blue liquid that had landed on her foot.

Midnight appeared like unfolding paper, he had salad dressing-- dressed in dark blues, the label on it said 'Morning After Midnight.'

The teenager mocked Lacie, "Your foot is most covered in the delicious of all salad dressings!  If only your footwear was made from assorted raw vegetables, well, you just might be popular more and not such a big, stinky loser."

"Uhh.." Lacie was at a loss for words as Midnight went and wrote on the floor with the dressing.

After Midnight had finished his familiar writing Thee Chaotician spoke broadly. “Rising to occasion, I will forever retire my identity and give those lost one for the moment.  With great elation, ‘Nobody Was Here’ will be mad entities’ final atonement.”

The lost youths stopped banging into walls, windows, and shelves, but not all of the plants in the store stopped their trembling.  Having regained their composure, the young people looked to their peer, Thee Chaotician as having the most recognition and blame.  Fry found this behavior to be too conformist for her to look upon favorably, and continued flicking a shaking potted-plant.

"To make this quick, to not get hoarse, I dub them the Super Sexy Task Force!"

The black-clad poet took his trenchcoat off and put it on a shelf, and he blended in with the crowd before him.

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