The Mental Hack

Nothing is so pleasurable as
accumulating knowledge,
and it might be argued
that some of the things
that make us human
may die to the goal
of acquiring knowledge.
  • Maxime_Severentus (RIP: September 1rst 1980 - August 18th, 2004)

I want to talk a little bit about business and how marketing affects it. You might find that the first thing to think about is the girl's dress. On most billboards you will find vivid colors. This actually goes along with average salary of men in this field. But there will be more on this and what it all means in a bit. First off I want to talk about where I'm coming from with talking about business, and why its important.

I have categorized a new form of literary nonsense, I call this, “the mental hack.” It differs from that which is comedic, or word salad, or dark and serious, in that its primary motivation, like that of Hootingyard, is to convince you that you are reading something serious. To convince you that you are reading non-nonsense, and then spring confusion on you, and then go back to reality. And so on and so forth.

This is why I'm not your aunt.

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