I Am Darkness

I am darkness,
spreading everywhere.

I'm half anti-hero,
sunglasses, e-cig,
my disguise;
and I'm out to save my life.

And maybe the booze is flowing,
maybe its not,
maybe a book is open,
maybe its my mouth.

This is not
but self-actualization,
strange light, color,
and familiar
dancing shadows
like bubbles in cocktails,
like creeping pain.
And I am sorry
for what I am
and what I
can never be.

This society
among you,
tired, old adults
walking for
cancer rallies
during the day,
drunk adolescents
walking along
small, sleepy cities
during the night;

insanity hidden
to play pretend
at normalcy,
it all created you,
and it all
created me.

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