The Abandoned Nightclub

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MARCH 19, 2010
Title: The Abandoned Nightclub
By Miguel F.

I heard dumb stories about some Goth club in NYC, that's actually under the city. My sister used to be a goth, or at least, a lot more annoying to me. She told me how people in nightlife talked about it, how kids went missing under different circumstances, and this silly rumour started about this place from god knows where. Other people said it was an underground Rave, but the stories are pretty close to the same bullshit.

It was 1987 when some group of punk ass kids, supposedly drunk and probably chain-smoking, were walking the streets at 4 in the morning. They heard music, and upon further investigation, pulled up the manhole that it was coming from. Supposedly one of them broke their leg on the way down, forgetting that they were supposed to use a ladder.

That apparently didn't stop the rest from looking for this place. The stories say its always spacious, but nobody is there. Some say there's never music playing, while others say it sounds more like noise than music. Regardless of what type of club it is, the place is always described as pretty dillapidated looking, you know, being in a sewer and all. It looks as if someone tried to tile the floor. The walls and ceiling are full of fucked-up looking paintings. Usually in the stories, there were other rooms, usually in the stories they're locked or barricaded.

Those who actually saw the club started acting strangely. They would become withdrawn, wouldn't let anyone touch them, and would mutter random numbers under their breath. In some stories there was a second stage before this which was shorter, where they would become outgoing but in a kind of dark desperation. But it always ended with the ones who had been in the club disappearing, with all the furniture and furnishings in their bedroom, or whatever room they were living in, vanishing with them.

This is an edit to the above blog post.

MARCH 21, 2010
Edit: An email I recieved after writing this:

Subject: Asking about your sister- from a friend.

Hi, Mike, I'm a friend of your sister's.

I remember that spooky story from a guy who claimed to have had seen the place, it must've been 8 years since I've seen or talked to him. He seemed convinced the place was real, but it was probably just some nest for rats and homeless, or god forbid, criminals.

Amber [censored]


May 2, 2010
Title: An Update On The Abandoned Nightclub

I responded to this email but haven't gotten a reply, its been over a month. There was more to it then what I posted, as hinted at in the subject line. The paragraph I left out was about how my sister was occasionally talking in numbers the last time her friend saw her, saying some weird things about this place under the streets. I have the intersection written down where the manhole is, .

This is how the blog post was written when I found it, any street names were not written down.

I haven't talked to my sister in almost a year. I've contacted the police, they said it was like she moved, it seems very, very odd to me and unsettling. I've talked to my parents, and other siblings, we mostly agree that its not at all like her. I'm worried but its up to the authorities for now. From what her friend said about their last encounter, I almost think it might be worth looking into this silly story. Its a warm night tonight in New York, I think I'll have a few drinks, and go searching for answers.


May 12, 2010
Title: 107

The last blog entry was a mass of numbers around the early 100's. I decided not to post them because of the length.

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