R'nadom Mind-Dump

I'd like to get a group of people to sing, crack open a beer and walk around a Wal-Mart singing Lippy Kids by Elbow, maybe have someone in a dinosaur suit skipping behind us with a cheap electric piano.

I'd also like to see a drunk with a wizard hat set up a pentagram with hot sauce and try to summon Gordon Ramsey.

I like to write things down that don't pertain to anything, these build up. I go through and make choices on what to delete, and get rid of the rest by posting them here.

I need a fifth and a wizard hat.

There's something about Jackie Chan.. he's kind of like Bruce Lee meets Mike Meyers.

Why are the building songs from The Sims piano masterpieces?

Sifting through novel notes, especially Literary Nonsense notes, is like being in a room with a large group of people shouting completely random things at you. Some of the stuff I've deleted because although it made sense at the time, I have no freaking idea why it was written.

* * * * *

After building muscle for a year, its frustrating to hear people won't exercise "hard" because they don't want to get bulky, whether using bodyweight or weights. If they spent six months trying to put on muscle naturally I think it might shatter that belief.

There's the discipline, the lifting, the constant calorie surplus-- on top of which, cleaner eating; and the sleep an individual might need. A week of training to build muscle will only build a little amount of muscle.

For instance, to go from having no pecs to having good pectoral definition is a long-term challenge. I did the math. In a little over a year, I've done over 9,125 pectoral flies with heavy enough weight for the reps; and this wasn't even a whole chest workout.


* * * * *

I would pay money (if I had any) to watch Stephen Fry play Fallout: New Vegas; with commentary. There could be money to be made, in footage of certain celebrities playing video games (that for whatever reason, they wouldn't normally play), with commentary.

I think musicians who use (piano) keys should study composition of The Sims piano pieces.

I have a dreamt of a more cohesive but disjointed collection of autodidacts and information, simply people bettering themselves. With information being voted on in some simple way, depending on its relevance or validity. Like a blog/link hub and a decentralized university.

I think its become my preogative to never watch television and have a DIY knowledge obsession that's inevitably a financial loss to sponsors on the screen. I might watch a show, but through a pc or console; some television shows are becoming better than most movies (ex: Breaking Bad), and I find it sociologically interesting.

Speaking of Jackie Chan I think there should be more Drunken Master movies.

Its my lenience towards anti-dogmatism that made me look down on Latin due, to its academic love, and my lenience towards being realistically positive that has made me put Sanskrit on a pedestal, due to its association with Zen Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

Though I realize there is an imbalance in gender rights, I also have less respect for young Americanized/Westernized women because they mix love with career ambition.

Skyrim is epic and stunning.
But.. poor, poor Cicero.

Water Joe:
How I caffeinated a bowl of instant macaroni
while drinking Dr. Pepper.

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