The Critic

Editors and publishers were monopolizing, the first half maybe more bittered by the less skilled, which is only to say out of practice.

7:20: 40% estimated destroyed.

Submission guidelines were useful ways to draw uniform around a story, bring cohesive order to it; it reminded him of similar concepts, put a writer on their knees in a power shift absent of harmony. Make one failure to pray to another, the artist fails the society condemning it, while the traditional, quality-only publisher fails art.

7:28: 45% estimated destroyed.

Music was the same, not to say popularity was a condemnation of quality, but most definitely diversity. Marketing, a time-consuming renewal of something, to place it at a higher stature in the often neurotic mind, condemned its share of quality.

8:01: 53% estimated destroyed.

He knew that, an artist was anyone (and everyone), and lack of openness to this truth was killing the music, separating harmony from human existence.

8:30: 72% estimated destroyed.

The sting of the tongue is a dark peculiarity. Somewhere along the reading these peculiarities, an intellectual reads between the lines and criticizes the critics. In his usage of these two words, "critic" and "intellectual" there is no difference, a critic would criticize what they felt was the less-than-intellectual. Bias or silence.

9:15: 83% estimated destroyed.

So it would be an appropriate judgment to him, a defense anyone could be grateful for, that there is no meaning in such stings save the poison and prison of individual perception..

9:58: 97% estimated destroyed.

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