Fever Dream

The violent fever dream came over me, "I need to be more careless!"

Click, click, in unison, when they put the collar on-- beeping every minute.

"This one is too dangerous, he'll be escorted by audio, his fake hands tied in alien metal," Said the man with the fake heart.

I told him our date would be platonic, the first kiss electro-magnetic.

"This one isn't even human anymore he's had so many upgrades." The security guard on the left said to his accomplice, the first time they brang me in..

My neck was real along with the cigar burns.

I remembered the haze of a white suit talking about some processes that had fried, before the grim hallway became clear to me again: the last of the light of dusk, and the rustling echo of shackles too heavy for any other man.

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