Gurgle Of Heroes: The Gurgling Continues

'You wanted twice as many gurgling sounds as before laden with grotesque potty humor and epic battles with spanning unrelated commentary!?'

"Why am I still walking on an ocean?" One of the blind sages said.

'The wrong story!'

Sea-fish and Orelius Monocles were falling through the air only to land on a pool of knives with Shitpires trailing behind them.. in, the.. air. One of the Shitpires had abandoned the fight to go to save a high school girl named Grella from being hit by a car driven by an alien who strangled other aliens with an IDE cable in a high-end mansion somewhere in the 1990's (please refrain from asking about low-end mansions). The Afternight sky was blooming with a Super Dawn from which came Barry, a pickle being of light. The shitpires punched and kicked, and Orelius fought back with a chair that had been on clearance at a local office retailer, an office retailer of darkness.

Sea-fish's dog food dish came flying in from out of nowhere like a boomerang of death, doom, plastic, and quality Pakistani savings. In a Kung-Fu dub voice Sea-fish sneered, "I will fight to the death, Ong."

"Grella?" Orelius said overhearing the Narrator (that's me ;-D). "Thata watcha musta beena thea Grella I-a was-a suppos'ta rescue! But how did she go from a flying porta-potty of titanium reserve to a well-kept mansion in the 1990's owned by a serial-killing alien with an A+ certification!?"

Little did Orelius know that they had barreled so caprociously as to travel over a wormhole which poor Grella fell into, collecting as many bananas and golden coins as she possibly could during the barreling process.

"Your sandle-shoeboots won't protect you from my spelunking-sneakers!" One of the Shitpires screeched.

Orelius held his chair up steadfast, blocking the attacks from all sides with Sea-fish fighting to his back, each gurgling a great Death-Gurgle: for those of you not in the know, that's Latin for "GulugalugalugAaaah!"

Once all of the shitpires were defeated their leader appeared, the very skeletal remains of Normoxor, piloting a familiar bearded hot-dog stand vender! The type of bearded vender that would be so familiar to Sea-fish and Orelius's sandle-shoeboots, that one might even think of him as being in an originating story, the type of bearded vender who may have closed an originating work with his colorful and resonate explicativeries, the type of bearded vender of which was so bearded that his beard covered his very eyes, the type of vender who liked Carrot! Carrot!

(You weren't expecting that one were you ;-D That's from a half-assed story I probably wrote in about ten minutes yesterday. :-D) -- The Deluxe Narrative Narrator, Combo Carrot! Carrot! (Got you again ;-D)

"That's extremely annoying." Normoxor stated, before the Vender's beard became the future and destroyed him.

"But how will we get rid of these stains?" Orelius cued.

The bearded vender glared at Monocles, "Fuck you Orelius! I hope you stain your pants."

Sea-fish onged, and the three headed towards a well-kept mansion.

(Wasn't that a great ending? :-D Can't you see how I run out of details towards the end of everything? :-D That's my trademark. ;-D)

"Quiet you!" Orelius said.

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