The succession of the monitor grew fainter and more distant. Fear. Waves of fear subsiding into a field of uncertainty.. Until I lost myself completely.
            ..I came to in what seemed a structure so vast it was its own "outside." I picked myself up, but the better parts of my mind were found missing in place of curiosity.
            Before my trembling body were the ebony gates of what appeared to be the underworld. Oh I was less than an ant to the great doors before me. These rounded doors were engraved with arcane symbols, holding countless naked bodies like blackened, squirming gems whose appearance must have tailored to my desire. If I were to look upon these gems for too long the gates themselves would conquer me and I would likely be as the curious, mangled bodies which littered the abysmal floor-- some of which alive, twitching.
            The doors opened with the most terrifying screams, the gems squirming to cover their ears. Upon momentary inspection I realized that the hinges were even more concerning and surreal creatures. Bones and flesh mended and nailed together monstrously. Arms from the hinges reached for the far off tortured gems whose eyes glowed red as blood; the gems' seductive, glimmering bodies were offset by the hideous, living hinges who were struggling to breathe.
            I knew there was nothing for me here but madness and damnation, so I made it the business of my curiosity to go forward. The doors only cracked open and I made my way through them quickly. As I was midway through the doors began shutting by some mysterious force, and I covered my ears from the hissing and screaming of the living hinges as I sprinted for my life.
            I came to a dead end-- something magnificent, and a strange set of golden binoculars fixed upon the ground for me to look upon it. I ventured closer, curiosity had me.
            Before me, deep in the ground, was the largest city I had ever set my eyes on-- seemingly built of precious materials hundreds of feet below and trapped between day and night. The surrounding ledges above it abandoned. The dusk was unbelievably gripping and magical, like the whole world was coming together into this one moving picture and there was no suffering, because this was the escape.. this was the epicenter of the dream.
            But upon the horizon of each ledge there was a great shadow slowly eating the sepia light. All who lived under these shadows seemed lost in sorrow, tormented with surviving their weighted prospects as they plunged deeper into an abysmal eternity. I watched as some of them in the light pushed others into the darkness and waited for the victims to delve further into madness.
            There was an entire city here, this way.. as sheer entertainment for humans who fancied themselves products of demons. It took me long to realize, longer than I could ever recall.. but I must have looked upon the very city of Babylon as its magnificent desires were engulfed by the shadows of Hell. And over that long time I grew pale, unable to look away, as if my body was transferring into the city, into a magnificent dream.
            Before me, a wondrous sign emblazoned upon my very vision and mind in some shadowy light, "Birthed in paradox and blasphemy, a laughing god."
            I grinned just a tad at the thought which laid out over the city, as men and women in the light laughed wickedly at those bent and broken past the line of darkness, then at each other. More and more people appeared from the alleys, each one horribly exquisite with a dark joyfulness.
            Then these inhuman, wicked people came towards me, surrounding me. I began screaming as I was forced into a fast-growing crowd of laughing violence, of which all manners of parts were missing. Faster and faster we moved, so heavily between screaming and laughter it would seem like our heads would explode or we would die of suffocation.
            There was one final push by a skeletal stranger into the shadow-world, where everything was so slow that the heart beats looking for itself. I came to meet the cold ground barely aware of anyone around me, paralyzed as though I was a wound attempting to tend to itself. The whole environment was just a shadow over a screen of misery and death. Tears poured from my eyes as I suffered completely alone and yet fully identified with the shadow-world's collective suffering.
            I laid there until I became part of the floor.

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